About Us

                                                                    Who We Are

We celebrate active coastal lifestyle and offer a luxury Italian signature look for the men and women worldwide, through supreme quality, comfortable casual sportswear.

                                      This is story of redefining the quality


                                       bringing new perspective to casual sportswear.

                                                               The Story

Born in Venice, loved worldwide.

Thirty years of experience of craftsmanship brought up professionals together in Venice. They  created the brand that  would reflect their knowhow and upscale new standards in casual sportswear, tailoring new vision in design and redefining the quality.

Perpetual search for the perfection, Italian impeccable taste and sense of style fuse with active sports which defined the distinctive path of Ruck & Maul and made it so popular.

Over the decade, Ruck&Maul  is expanding worldwide offering unique design, maximum comfort and trendy look of casual sportswear.



Ruck & Maul  is all about raising the game of casual sportswear:

     . Supreme quality,

     . İnnovation in technical fabrics,

     . Expression through the design,

     . Comfort in every move,

                 no matter where you are.


                                                         BY CHALLENGE

                                         DON’T LIMIT YOUR CHALLENGES.


                                                            YOUR LIMITS.